Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is a chain of sugars found naturally in your body that gives your cartilage elasticity and helps it resist compression. In dietary supplements, this sugar is usually mixed with glucosamine to help lessen the effects of osteoarthritis by relieving joint pain. Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine dietary supplements are also believed to slow cartilage damage and even help repair cartilage. The chondroitin sulfate produced at Sioux Pharm, Inc. comes primarily from bovine trachea as well as bovine gullet and scapula. Sioux Pharm's chondroitin sulfate meets the GRAS specifications, meaning the product is "generally regarded as safe." Chondropureā„¢ is a specific brand of chondroitin sulfate manufactured solely at Sioux Pharm, Inc. and is distributed to many companies where the product is added to dietary supplements.

Technical Information:

Sioux Pharm uses North American-sourced bovine trachea, gullet, and scapula to produce chondroitin sulfate that meets both United States Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia standards. Sioux Pharm chondroitin sulfate meets GRAS specifications and is certified by APHIS under the USDA. Additional Product Regulatory Information can be found on the Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients (SIDI) document posted elsewhere on the website. This information can be accessed after obtaining a password from Sioux Pharm. The following documentation is also available through the password:

  • Allergens and Hypersensitivities List
  • BSE Confirmation Statement
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Genetically Modified Status Declaration
  • Halal Statement
  • Ingredient Declaration
  • Kosher Statement
  • MSDS
  • Non-Irradiation Statement
  • Nutritional Breakdown per 100 grams
  • OVI Free Statement
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Declaration
  • Product Packaging Details
  • Product Stability
  • Proposition 65 Compliance
  • Sioux Pharm GRAS Certificate Letter
  • Testing Methodology

If you have additional questions about chondroitin sulfate, please call Sioux Pharm, Inc. at (712)-722-4697.

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